Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Navy Camo Coming

Navy Times has the latest announcement of the next generation of Navy Camouflage Uniforms. The powers that be have been seduced into the whole "digitized" pattern craze that the Army and Marines rolled out two years ago.

My questions as a bubblehead are these:

Will these fatigues replace the poopy suits of underway fame?

Will sailors be able to wear this "working" uniform off base? I understand why nobody wanted us to be seen in the cool-hand Luke hand me down dungarees. They looked like I had just escaped off the chain gang.

Will sailors assigned to Marine bases be hazed and shunned until they hide their blue cammies and go green?

And, again, I must ask, camouflage? What are you hiding from at sea? Does it have a blaze orange interior for those man overboard evolutions?

Just remember, in the subfleet, we really do expect to recover the man overboard, unlike those poor guys in the carrier fleet midnight diving squad.


reddog said...

They are ugly. They look uncomfortable. Do they really expect sailors to blouse their pant legs into high laced boots? Or even wear high laced boots?

chief torpedoman said...

You guys really like the poopy suits? Been a long time since I was on the boats, but the darn poopie suits were a pain when you had to go to the head in a hurry.

I agree with your comment on "who are we hiding from " and man overboard problems.

DukeRulZ said...

I didn't mind them much. My only problem was making sure the sleeves didn't fall into the shitter of touch the head floor.

Chus said...

Nurse in Times Square war photo reunites with Navy :D

cowboy boots said...

Nice uniform! I like the military attire.