Monday, October 5, 2009

Silent Service UA in New Navy Ad

Check out this slick new recruiting ad from the USN.

Now, can you tell me what's missing?

It might be fun to ride the rubber boats around with the Expeditionary Forces and fly in the whirligigs but where is the Sub Force in this latest interpretation of the Navy?

Maybe we get our own commercial, right?


Jonathan W. Gandy said...

I too had noticed the lack of representation for the submarine service. Today, however, I noticed the newest version of the commercial during the Navy-Notre Dame game. I am proud to report that it now features a short clip of a fast attack boat on a surface transit just before the clip of the air craft carrier! Thanks for finally giving us a shout out, Big Navy.

On a separate note, it cracks me up that the scene with the carrier in the NAVY's new recruiting commercial features the embarked MARINES in green instead of sailors in white. Maybe the video editors should just go back and do a full scrub. What happened to attention to detail?

Anonymous said...

What, you didn't get the subtle inference of the WAVE standing in front of what looked liked the out of focus sails of a few boats docked in the distance?