Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Saw a Poopie Suit Where?

As a Submariner Emeritus, my sonar tends to be highly attuned to all things Sub related or at least Navy related.  I'll usually say hello to the local recruiters (who, for some reason, tend not to be Submariners) or speak to any Ruptured Duck wearers or strike up a conversation with anyone wearing a boat hat.

Since I live in an area with a Naval deficiency, I just don't run into many Sub related uniform items roaming the streets.  So, imagine my surprise when someone walked into my son's scout meeting wearing, of all things, A POOPIE SUIT?  Now, I'll admit, it is not beyond reason to expect someone to wear blue coveralls for reasons other than hunting the Red Banner Northern Fleet.  Maybe you're painting your house or working on your car.  Who knows?

What set off the klaxon in my head was the guy happened to be wearing a khaki belt.  Now where in the world was this guy coming from or going to wearing a clearly underway uniform while we are standing 300 miles from a Naval Base.  (BTW, skimmer/targets have started wearing the Poopie too though in a much more limited way.)

Now, I have seen the Coast Guard working uniform up close but those look more like something the local fire department would wear. (No offense intended Coasties, er I mean Guardians.)

So I determined angle on the bow and and range rate and moved in for a closer look.  Turns out, he works for the US Public Health Service.  If you have never heard of them, you're not alone.  They are considered one of the 7? uniformed services of the US Government.  (OK, let's count A, N, AF, M, CG are the usual suspects, then the USPHS and then Nat. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.)  Think about the USPHS's boss, the Surgeon General.  Ever since C. Everette Coop brought the uniform back, federal health professionals have been bringing what is essentially a Naval uniform to locations near you.

Usually, you see them in Summer Whites or Khakis.  So, how does the Submariners' venerable poopie suit fit in with the USPHS?  Turns out, this fellow works at a federal prison.  Certainly, a prison is no place for Summer Whites but why not wear khakis?  There's a good reason for that.  It seems that khaki is also the uniform of the inmates.  So you have a choice to make in working uniforms at the big house: BDUs or the Poopie Suit!

And that, gentle reader, is how Submariners Emeriti get a strange look on their face at the scout meeting.  Long Live the Poopie Suit!

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