Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Navy Keeps Camos Onbase

Rumors are starting to circulate about how the Navy brass intends to treat the new Navy Working Uniform (NWU). While us blueshirts were dressed as convicts "'scaped off tha farm," it seemed to make some sense that the needs of the Navy were not met when some A-Gang 3rd class strolled into the quickie mart covered in grease or "gray"water.

The brass made sure to keep us denizens from below the anchor away from the prying eyes of the public. I guess they were afraid the local cops would mistake us for fence jumpers from the penintentary. But with a new uniform and a new "look", I had hoped we could get past one of the last remenants of bleushirt discrimination.

Apparently not, according to Navy Times. The brass will restrict the camo NWU to base and vehicle only.

The shame of it is, now the O-Gang and the chiefs are confined to base or car too! Lets see how long this lasts.

The maritime forces leadership needs to wake up to reality. Prohibiting Marines and Sailors from wearing their work uniform off the base does not increase you combat readiness one iota. We are a military at war and we don't have time for this petty bullshit.


blunoz said...

The thing that really irks me is that the other services all wear their working uniforms everywhere. I see guys in everything from flight suits to digital camoflage at fast food restaurants in town, but I can't wear a clean set of coveralls or this new Navy Working Uniform? Common!

Sabra said...

Bureaucrats will always have time for petty bullshit. I'm fairly certain it is their entire job description.

Anonymous said...

We recently had an all-hands call with the CNO. When he got to the end and asked for questions, someone asked this very question. The courageous soul essentially asked how come the other services can wear their working uniforms off base but we can't, and will the policy change with the new digital camouflage working uniform.

The CNO's answer essentially boiled down to, "no." He sort of implied the other services look unprofessional wearing their working uniforms in town. He said something like, "I don't have quite as liberal a philosophy about uniform standards," and he wants the Navy to maintain a more professional image.

DukeRulZ said...

What a load of crap! Being on recruiting duty requires you to look "professional." Working all day on the boat requires you to do your damn job.

The army has "worked" their brand heavily with the camo uniform. They hold it in high regard, hell, just look at the West Point Football team in this year's Army - Navy game.

Wake up Admirals! This ain't the same fleet Admiral Hayward used to threaten to "...hammer your ass.."

Chap said...

Guys, this is a skimmer thing. Something in the shoe culture has them think that "looking professional" is both more important than getting the job done right, and not possible with the same clothes you work in. Think back in the day when the surface wardroom shifted to a dress uniform to eat meals.

It's come up in ever enlisted uniform change I can think of. I don't know how to kill it.

Jennifer said...

fuck it, I will wear where and when I fell like it. And so will so people that it will become a rule that will not get enforced. And if it does when the O,s and E 7-9 have to live by the same set of rules we do and get hassled they will change the rules. Fuck it I will do what I want for the most part