Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Uniform Bad News.

The more I hear about the new intructions for wearing these blue camos, the more I begin to think they will go down in history being known as "those damn blue camos." We have all enjoyed the sweetness of getting out of the convict's suits but now come the bitterness of a "new" way.

  • Goodbye ball caps. New rules will only allow the ballcap in your command area if approved by your CO. Leave the pier, go down to Subtrafac for training and you'd better have that 8 point cover. If I need to carry two covers, one will stay in the barracks.
  • Goodbye foul weather jackets. This one is not so bad since I could never get one when I needed it anyway. Every queer in the sonar shack had one but God forbid some poor seaman in Deck Div get one to work (aka chip, paint, chip, etc.) in topside. BTW, what ever became of those nylon flight jackets issued to CO's, XO's and COB's? (Not to mention the Chop and SKC.)
  • Since we couldn't roll up our sleeves the right way, we get to roll our sleeves like the damned Army. Not a big gripe, just different. I think the video mentions some sort of damage control usage for the new method.
Sorry to see the ballcaps sidelined. The subfleet sailors really stand out around the base with the dolphins on the hat.

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blunoz said...

I don't see the new rules as really changing the wear of ballcaps on the waterfront. The new Navy Working Uniforms replace utilities and wash khakis, but not the poopie suits. I pretty much expect to see the same poopie suits and ballcaps along the waterfront. As an officer, I'm not sure why I'd bother spending the money on the NWU. All I ever wore was my poopie suit if I was on the boat, or my CNT khakis if I had to go to a meeting at squadron or run an errand off base. Maybe that's different for the enlisted guys. It seems to me the only time my guys really put on utilities was to go take the advancement exam or attend a MCPON all hands call.