Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goat Locker Uniform Backlash

While most of the complaints about the new uniforms have centered around the new aquaflage working uniforms and when and where the CNO thinks you should wear them, the new service uniform has created a backlash in the Goatlocker.

Navy Times has the article. It seems our Chiefs don't like the idea of blueshirts joining the khakis. Honestly, the Anchor Club has a point. Many of these old salts served for a decade or more in order to one day earn the right to wear khaki. Now, with one fell stroke, Seaman SlickSleeve shows up at the command office with his brand new khaki shirt.

The original need that switching the uniform was supposed to meet was the chorus of complaints from junior enlisted personnel about how they hated their uniforms. So while the Uniform Board has appeased the lower ranks, the upper ranks are now upset with the change.

Personally, I would have preferred them keeping the rank and ratings on the sleeve of the shirt.

The worst line of the Navy Times article is how some officers are upset about the khaki change. What are they upset about? Other than the Mustangs, the O-gang can get over it. I know that Congress has deemed you an officer and a gentleman, a higher being than the lowly enlisted proletarian scum but spare me the whining about the khaki shirt.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what did the E-7's have to say? What a bunch of whiners. What other color would they suggest, prison orange????

The chief respected back in the day were respected for their leadership, not for the color of their shirt...

Sabra said...

What other color would they suggest, prison orange????

Here's a wild thought. What about, oh, BLUE? That way they'd look a little less like a confused Marine and a little more like sailors.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The posters of the disagreement on uniforms worn by E-1 through E-6 are a pathetic bunch. The first thing this group should endeavor to learn is what is the difference between rate and rank in the United States Navy. I do dislike having to remind non-Navy folks that enlisted individuals have only rate and no rank.

Sorry folks, looks like you are never right.


Anonymous said...

How about this: Save us the "I'm a hard working E-dog rant" about who is and is not qualified to complain. Sailors b$%^h that's what we do- officer, enlisted, chief. So if you are/were enlisted- thank you for your service or for serving but stow the BS. If you have never shouldered the burden of command you can shove it about what an officer is or is not entitled to say.

My two cents

Anonymous said...

I think chiefs and officers should stop acting so 'petty'. All other military branches pretty much wear the same uniform up and down ranks. There is a reason it's called a UNIFORM.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing complaints from some O-gang whiner! You were probably one of those A$$holes that required enlisted men to salute you when you were out of uniform too.

I'm glad you weren't taken care of by the mid watch one dark night. Carriers do have advantages.

A whole lot of officers consider themselves superior because circumstance put them in a different uniform. But a douche is still a douche no matter the wrapper.

And just to be sure, I'll hide my name too.