Wednesday, February 25, 2009

General Uniform Rant

Regular readers know that I spend a little time on the blogospere commenting on the current status of US military uniforms. Today I have 2 items:

USS Scranton Goes 100% Auquaflage!

In between cruises, the COB decided to get an eval bullet and coaxed/cajoled/leaned on the entire crew to go buy the new working uniform. I guess he got his bullet.

Air Farce Reinstates Good Conduct Medal

Let me get this straight. The one service that has the most gimme medals, by far, discontinued the Good Conduct Medal back in 2005? WTF,O? Apparently the AF honchos decided they didn't want to recognize what was already expected of the vaulted warriors of the warm bed and name brand steak sauce. Way to stick to the enlisted folks!

Fortunately, saner heads have prevailed and the GC medal is coming back!

When I served with the FMF, we had a young lady that had xfered over from the AF and had more fruit salad than several of the Gunnery Sergeants. She had a row of ribbons for every year of service. Different place.

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Sabra said...

Dear God, that uniform looks even worse en masse.