Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Details on Scranton Uniforms

Navy Times sheds a little more light on the Great Scranton Uniform Swap:

"Onboard the Scranton, the NWU transition is complete.

“The crew has fully implemented the NWU, and it will be the primary uniform for the entire crew while in port and for topside personnel while underway who are a part of mooring evolutions or brief stops for personnel,” said Master Chief Machinist’s Mate (SS) Stephen Nordman, Scranton’s chief of the boat. He added that the crew will continue to wear coveralls while underway.

“The NWU is a great uniform; however, it cannot be put on as quickly as a pair of coveralls, and when you have to get dressed quickly for battle stations or a ships casualty, [coveralls are] the only option,” he said.

The Norfolk area was the first to receive the new uniform, which replaces utilities for sailors and wash khakis for chiefs and officers. The entire fleet rollout will take two years, at which point everyone in the Navy will be required to own the uniform."

I'm glad to hear that the venerable old poopie suit get to stay on board subs but I can't help but let my anti-Nuke bias show when I wonder just what kind of a MM the Scranton's COB is.



Anonymous said...

Steve Nordman is an A-Ganger by profession. He was the COMSUBRON-6 A-Ganger before being transfered to the Scranton

Anonymous said...

I do not know if the same policies are in effect today, but in my day a Nuc could not be COB, 1960 to 1980's. You figure out the reason. I was COB on the Tecumseh for 3 years.

E. A. Hughes, FTCM(SS)
US Navy (Retired)

Heather S said...

First of all, the COB is NOT a Nuke, not sure where you got your info, but it's WRONG!!!!

DukeRulZ said...

Read the Comments first, Lady!