Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crybaby Dolphins to be Mandatory

The Master Chief of the Navy Rick West (SS/SW) is jerking chains. In a recent Navy Times cover story, West explains that commands that have a high rate of warfare qualified personnel are more prepared for the real deal.

"Show me a crew of Sailors where every one of them earned their pins through a tough, comprehensive warfare program and I'll show you a group of warriors who can fight together and accomplish any mission.

"That," said West, "is what the goal should be."

I guess he's referring to everybody NOT in the subforce. For you skimmers and REMF's reading this, Submariners all have to qualify or die.

My only question is this: Will non tip of the spear rates have "earn" their fake warfare devices or will they be required to earn a real warfare device?

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is that the submairine community should get behind the MCPON 110% on this.

If they are going on a mandatory qual for this than the best model is the submarine one.

That being said, you have a point that the surface sailor does not endager the whole ship by not qualifying.

Anotther point is that in submarines, time is made for the nubs to qualify and heck on patrol the already qualified people live to make checkouts hard fro the nub.

On surface ships, time can't be used in the same way as in subs.

I can't think of a better man than a MCPON who has earned both to head up a program like that.