Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Women in the Navy Are Problomatic

I know many folks think we are soooo past the issue of women in the military but the problems that arise with their presence, keep on rising. Take a look at this article from Stars & Stripes. Four women from the USS Bataan had to be left in port during a deployment because they were found to be preggers.

Here's the rub: the women didn't know they were pregnant when the ship left homeport. So either we have four women that need a remedial class on health education or they really did know they were with child but decided to use it as a get-off-of-the-deployment card.

Here are a couple of question to cut to the heart of the matter:
  1. Does the Navy prohibit any sailor from having children while in the force? No.
  2. When these women signed their contracts, were they pregnant? No.
  3. If the Navy doesn't allow pregnant women to be assigned to a sea billet, then why the hell are surprised when they get knocked up.
  4. Who replaces these women on the ship and who loses a shore billet because of it?
Perhaps a sea billet contract is required that includes the use of a long term, but reversible, birth control device such as Norplant (My Catholic friends may want to take a deep breath and remember that all of this is voluntary). Let's not forget that serving in the military is not a right, it is a privilege and not everybody is cut out for it.

I didn't make women different from men, the Good Lord did and he did so for a reason. Its time the Navy and the rest of the service figured it out too. I'm just glad we don't have these problems in the Sub Force.


Vigilis said...

You make excellent points.

Subvet said...

Bravo and well written.

Amber said...

Men take paternity leave just like women take maternity leave, and everyone suffers when you lose a sailor. But while women may get pregnant men scam out of deployment all the time and women are still obligated to military service after their pregnancy, and many go back to ships and continue to serve.

Anonymous said...

While men may take paternity leave, I don't think they get out of a deployment because the wife is pregnant. If men do "scam" out of a deployment by means "other than pregnacy", then don't women also use these other means?

The sudden loss of a worker in a divsion does cause a problem for the ship, especially while on deployment. Both men and women need to take some responsibility for this.

Anonymous said...

So much for that 'not a problem in the sub force'. Starting in 2012 women officers will be serving on subs. there goes the

Anonymous said...

What's next? Lemme all-women team of crack navy commandos...Charlie's Blue Angels maybe? LMAO!