Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hezbollah Sub Force?

Reports have been popping up for the last 2 years about the existence of fiberglass submersibles used to smuggle narcotics to the US and Europe. Now comes word that there is a new play in the drug sub game: Lebanese based muslim terrorist group Hezbollah.

Smuggling is nothing new for the so-called Party of God (sic). Back in 2002, Hezbi convenience store workers in Charlotte got busted by the ATF for smuggling low tax cigarettes to Michigan. They appear to now have graduated from Marlboros on the highway to cocaine on the high seas.

Now why would a religious based group smuggle drugs? Its a lot like what Willie Sutton said: Cause that's where the money is. My guess is any cash Hezbi can raise on its own, it can spend on what it wants without any conditions from its Iranian sugar daddy. Additionally, the destination is western Europe, so who cares?

Back in the 90's, the Coast Guard made a point to remove its ASW sonar gear from its cutters since the Russians were no longer a threat. Hopefully Admiral Allen will take care of this problem.

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H. S. Normal said...

Sonar will be of no use against these small fiberglass craft, due to their shallow draft. Operating at their deepest, the keel is probably no more than 6 or 8 feet below the surface. They are NOT submarines. Semi-submersible is a more accurate term.

Detection will best be accomplished by airborne platforms, either visually or with radar.