Friday, August 15, 2008

Making Georgia Howl

I have been thinking a lot about our friends in the western Asian Republic of Georgia. It looks like the old Red Menace is at it again. Russian troops have rolled into Georgia like a field exercise.

Georgia is a little larger than West Virginia and is one of the first Christian countries in the world. Given their loyalty to the US and their strategic position in a volatile region., the US can do better than we have.

We have a friend in Georgia that we will loose if the Russians take it over again.

The photo says it all. These Georgian troopers were praying before going on duty in Iraq.

They need more than our prayers now.

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esryle said...

I didnt like Atlanta much anyway.
You be surprise how many people dont even know that this is another country. Same excuse everytime, "The news is so depressing, thats why I dont watch it." And we are the ones that get blamed for attacking other countries for oil..Thats ok, my sister in law thinks that Mt Rushmore is the one all the climbers get stranded and killed on... Blog is looking good.