Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's up with all these CO firings?

Have you noticed a rash of CO & XO firings around the fleet? There seems to be a huge number of reliefs for loss of confidence. Now, admittedly, you still have those CO's who can't keep their hands off of the help and the occasional grounding, but come on.

Navy Times has a story today about an airdale getting cashiered.

What is causing this wave of firings or is it just me?

One thing that leaves me scratching my head a little is the current state of the officer corps. I went to the commissioning of the USS North Carolina SSN-777 and was very impressed by the number of mustang officers onboard. From the CO on down to the butter bars there must have been a half dozen of them. (When I was on the ustafish, we had one and he had come over from the Army artillery. He was a decent guy but you got the feeling he would CYA a blueshirt in a minute.)

Do more mustangs mean a better fleet? If so, why are so many commanders getting relieved?

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